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We strive to create an environment that supports continuous learning through training and development. We recognize that our present and future success depends on the contributions and skills of our employees. This means creating training and development opportunities that are engaging and relevant.

Our training consists of unique interactive experiences which offer participants insight into their personal value systems and biases while developing increased cultural awareness and improved ability to relate effectively with each other, those they supervise, and to the public. Our training methodology is based on the fact that learning and change occur optimally through personal involvement and direct experience. Thus, participants are not lectured to, but instead are challenged to analyze their perceptions and biases, to experiment, to share and to learn from each other. This sharing of knowledge opens the lines of communication among participants and across cultures, genders and backgrounds.

Training maximizes the use of experiential techniques as a means of creating a challenging and productive learning experience, including group discussions, role-plays, simulations, group tasks and short lectures. Topics have immediate relevance to the day-to-day functional activities of every employee and lead directly to the development of specific action steps for immediate on the job implementation by each participant.

At MOI, we believe in the right of every employee to grow, to contribute to company goals and to develop his or her own unique talents and abilities.

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