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We know that, a variety of problems arises due to malfunctioning of valves which can lead to a variety of problems including increased maintenance repair costs, and even worse, overall inefficient plant operations. Valve replacement being expensive, it is important to entrust your valves to a company with expertise, comprehensive facilities, and a proven track record in engineering services.

Our MOI valve repair solution is a unique combination of highly-skilled technicians that provide onsite, emergency and scheduled repair services and scheduled or routine shop repair.

MOI offers full valve services for support during shutdowns and normal operation. Our service team is highly experienced with competency in machining and assembly.

  • Contracted Outage Support
  • Rapid Response Deployment
  • Repairs - Welding, Machining & Valve Overhauls
  • Routine services such as packing replacement and seat lapping
  • Boring, refinishing, milling and other machine shop capabilities
  • Certified weld repair
  • Inspection of critical dimensions and surfaces
  • Troubleshooting and upgrade advice
  • Full-service industrial engineering services

Each of these sophisticated state of the art tools takes the uncertainty away from valve overhaul and accurately identifies which valve needs refurbishment and which are to be left alone.

The condition of every valve is precisely determined and reviewed against agreed specifications & Parameters.All testing procedures meet with internationally approved standards.

All test results are recorded by an approved signatory and on every valve overhauled and tested is stamped with a unique identification.

When manpower requirements exceed your staff capabilities, call on MOI for support during these critical times such as outages and plant start-up. Our team can supplement your specific valve requirements while allowing your staff to focus on their core competencies such as plant operation. MOI’s maintenance team comes with decades of experience helping customers like you.

We Meet Any Challenge

At MOI, you can expect to partner with a company that has highly trained technical experts capable of providing quality solutions for any unique, challenging application. This commitment to excellence provides you with a cost-effective means of keeping maintenance and repair costs down and turnaround time short.

Valves We Repair

MOI repairs and reconditions almost any size, type and make of valve, onsite….online…in shop and on budget.

  • Pressure Safety Valves
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Globe Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Control Valves
  • On/Off Valves
  • Plug Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Actuators(Pneumatic and Electrical)

What you can expect from MOI:

  • Complete onsite valve overhaul and repair service (onshore and offshore).
  • Full pickup and delivery service for shop repair valves.
  • Complete removal, on-site tagging, and re-installation, including bolting and torquing service.
  • Specialist refurbishment program for
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Control valves
  • Conventional mechanical line valves
  • MOV repair
  • Certification and compliance with ISO 9001.
  • Fully equipped mobile workshop for onsite and/or offshore applications.
  • Procurement of valves/valve spares and parts, if required.
  • Machining, welding and heat treating (Field and shop).
  • Onsite machining of R/F and Ring grooves on valves and pipeline.
  • Approved service center for Valvitalia valves.

Anywhere at Anytime, We Meet Your Needs

Sending valves offsite to a repair shop can sometimes be expensive and mean lost uptime. That is why we come to you. Our technicians come fully equipped with onsite support vehicles. We provide all critical services onsite 24/7.

The standard onsite or shop repair service includes:

  • Visual inspection and identification.
  • Pre-test for pressure relief valves.
  • Seat and shell testing.
  • MOV repair
  • Strip down and cleaning of all components.
  • Abrasive cleaning of external surfaces.
  • Nominallapping of seats and discs.
  • Assembly, testing and calibration to valve specification; sealing and
  • Final inspection, painting and protection of flanges.
  • Issuing test certificates.

In summary, we can meet your following needs:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Competitive pricing
  • Emergency response
  • 24/7 service
  • Quick delivery
  • Dedicated technicians provide attention to quality, project completeness and aesthetics
  • Solutions for unique problems
  • Diversified services
  • Multi-site capability
  • Onshore and Offshore capabilities
  • Trusted partner

Please contact us to learn further how we can meet the needs above.

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